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Representative practice areas

  • Business law — With decades of extensive experience, our firm spends much of its time each day providing valuable advisory services to our business clients. We take time to understand your business and its objectives so we can work together effectively. We advise clients regarding: sophisticated transactions including mergers, acquisitions, commercial real estate development and construction; financing and related matters; entity selection and formation; employment law and human resources training and consultation; government investigation and compliance including IRS, environmental (EPA and PA DEP), licensing and other administrative and regulatory matters; and day-to-day business matters.
  • Business litigation — From well over 20 years of experience, we’re familiar with the special factors in business-related cases that set them apart from non-business cases, including the need to get to know your company, its business and your industry and to keep a constant eye on the ongoing effect of the litigation on your daily operations, cash flow and reputation. As the result of hard work and thorough preparation, we have an excellent record in a wide range of business litigation matters, in trials, hearings, appeals, arbitration, mediation and settlement negotiations. We are always willing and able to take a case to trial when it is in the best interest of our client. This demonstrable readiness to try the cases we handle tends to give our clients appreciable leverage in settlement negotiations.
  • White collar — We have a rare grasp of what professionals, businesses and public figures live through when they face government investigations and the prospect of white collar criminal exposure. We deeply know the daily burden of the threat to our client’s family, good name, livelihood and freedom posed by these cases. Driven by this knowledge, we empower our white collar clients with a degree of around-the-clock support and diligent protection which very few law firms comprehend or deliver. We provide extremely thorough, proactive defense, and witness and victim representation, in white collar crime cases.

Representative clients and industries

      • Banking
      • Casino and gaming
      • Construction industry
      • Corporate officers
      • Distribution industry – internet-based, national and international
      • Health care industry
      • Lawyers and law firms
      • Manufacturers – various, including high tech
      • Non-profit manufacturing resource center
      • Physicians and physician groups
      • Public figures and officials
      • Real estate industry
      • Railroad industry
  • "[Regarding] Mr. Polishan… I’ve seen him on many cases in court…. he’s an outstanding lawyer in all respects. He’s an outstanding trial lawyer. He’s an outstanding litigator. He’s an outstanding researcher. He has great credibility with the Court." - (Statement made by judge in federal court proceeding).

  • "[Mr. Polishan’s] assistance … has included incisive, informed advice on every occasion …. I’ve seen many… lawyers … from some of the largest, most reputable firms in the country… and none of them surpass [the] talent, wisdom, and … common sense that [Mr. Polishan has] brought to this case from the time we began working together." - (Statement by plaintiff’s counsel).

  • "[Mr.] Polishan is doing a fantastic job on your behalf and achieving a fantastic result…. Both his work with you . . . and with the law enforcement [agents]… are examples of the finest in our profession and you should bless the day that you found him." - (Statement by former federal prosecutor).

  • "Congratulations on a very impressive outcome. Fantastic!" - (Statement by defense counsel).

  • "Tim and I have worked together on a complex and highly publicized litigation matter that has extended over several years and his performance throughout has been superb. Outstanding integrity, highly knowledgeable, and with a true feel for the nuances that often provide the competitive edge in litigation. I would recommend him to any client or fellow practitioner." - (Statement by former director and shareholder at Philadelphia law firm known as a national leader in class actions and other complex commercial litigation).

  • "Tim is a terrific trial lawyer. Quick on his feet. Great when it comes to cross examination. He has won cases against all odds." - (Statement by partner at Northeastern Pennsylvania law firm).

  • "Attorney Polishan is one of the brightest professionals I have encountered in 25 years living in NEPA. He is detail and results oriented, creative, intellectual, grounded." - (Statement by physician and president of medical group).

  • "Tim’s breadth of legal knowledge and excellent communication skills make him a great professional resource and a valuable asset to the northeastern PA community." - (Statement by a wealth management professional).

  • "I have had the opportunity to work with Tim on multiple occasions. Tim and his legal team are of the highest caliber and an absolute joy to work with. They were very instrumental in handling all of my legal needs since 2004. The firm is top notch and very trustworthy. Over the years Tim and his firm have not only been great in providing legal services but I consider Tim a friend." - (Statement by a senior enterprise architect for large health plan).

  • "Tim is straight forward and professional, asks the questions that make sense and then suggests workable solutions. I highly recommend to assist anyone with legal issues." - (Statement by Northeaster Pennsylvania business owner).

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