Business Law

The Chair of the firm's Business Law Practice is Gene Kelley.

Outside general counsel

To act as outside general counsel, our firm learns your business, industry, and people. This includes guidance, compliance help, and prevention of business litigation

How we work

Your goal is our focus. We listen, plan, and work. We enjoy contributing to the story of your business.

Who we work for

Our clients' industries include manufacturing, distribution, health care, physicians, banking, construction, real estate, railroad, gaming, insurance, restaurant, retail, law firms, and non-profits.

How we help

Our firm helps businesses choose entity types. We help with regulatory filings and prepare incorporation articles, organization certificates, bylaws, operating agreements, and shareholder agreements.

We vet financing sources and advise about employment, health care law, investigations, white collar matters, real estate, tax appeals, buyouts and compensation.

Overseeing buying and selling is a key part of our work, including asset and stock purchase agreements, indemnification issues, representation and warranty considerations, due diligence, letters of intent, and term sheets.

Business Law Chair

Gene Kelley is Chair of the firm's Business Law Practice.

Email Eugene C. Kelley › or call 570-562-4520 ext. 101.