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Outside general counsel role and other practice areas

The top of this page explains our role as outside general counsel.

The bottom describes our other practice areas including personal injury, employment, bankruptcy, health care, complex litigation, real estate, environmental litigation, regulatory litigation, class and collective actions, white collar, guardianship and estate litigation.

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Our role as outside general counsel

Kelley, Polishan & Solfanelli serves as outside general counsel. In the trusted role of outside general counsel, our firm draws on its wide local and international network of diverse professionals with whom we've worked for many years. To ensure the highest level of service, we confer with consultants and retained potential witnesses with expertise in forensics, valuation, technology, accounting, finance, data analysis, industry knowledge and other pertinent areas. Our lawyers and support team work with investigators and other professionals to protect and pursue your interests.

For each project we do, we assemble team members with the skill, experience and relationships needed to best meet a specific goal at a specific time. Our firm finds the best consultants, experts and lawyers for whatever our clients need, whether that lawyer works for us or not — because we serve you, not us. This is essential to the success of every great business. This is because no single firm can do everything. No firm can guarantee they'll always possess every skill, relationship and geographic connection needed for the ever-changing needs of a business. 

Instead, what really matters, is to make sure you have a law firm and an individual lawyer you can trust, to get you the precise legal and expert support you need when you need it. This is a key reason why trust is the foundation and value of every great law firm — and every great business.

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What do outside general counsel do for businesses?

Outside general counsel serve many roles. It depends on the business being served. Roles include:


Outside general counsel may serve as the primary point of contact for all legal issues facing a business — a sort of a legal project manager.


Another role is advisor to a business and its employees. This includes spotting potential legal problems, performing research, and providing guidance and advice.


In the role of Servicer, outside general counsel reviews and drafts documents, and works on regulatory compliance, disclosure and privacy issues, employment law issues, corporate governance and structure, and the like. Service can include addressing unusual legal needs that pop up — like needing to respond to a document subpoena.


When outside general counsel's firm has business trial lawyers, then outside general counsel and his or her firm may handle litigation matters.

Proper utilization of outside general counsel provides exceptional value and cost-effectiveness for a business.

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Other Practice Areas

Doing business law and business litigation for decades, Kelley, Polishan & Solfanelli has gained skill in other practice areas that've been involved in complex cases we've done through the years, including, but not limited to, the areas described below.

Personal injury

On a carefully selected basis, we've successfully handled personal injury cases, both for injured persons and for businesses accused of injuring someone. This work includes the ongoing defense of a multi-billion dollar global business in personal injury cases in Scranton and Northeastern Pennsylvania. To discuss, please Email Timothy P. Polishan › or call 570-562-4520 ext. 102.

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For businesses facing difficulty, although we often find ways to resolve obligations without bankruptcy, our team possesses commercial bankruptcy and bankruptcy litigation experience. To discuss, please Email Eugene C. Kelley › or call 570-562-4520 ext. 101.

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We've resolved employment litigation by jury verdict, motion, administrative proceedings, mediation and negotiation. To discuss, please Email Timothy P. Polishan › or call 570-562-4520 ext. 102.

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Real estate

We've handled complex commercial real estate tax appeals, commercial real estate transactions, litigation, mediation and negotiation. To discuss, please Email Eugene C. Kelley › or call 570-562-4520 ext. 101.

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Environmental and other regulatory litigation

We handle environmental (PA DEP and EPA) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) litigation and matters involving other federal and Pennsylvania administrative and regulatory agencies. To discuss, please Email Timothy P. Polishan › or call 570-562-4520 ext. 102.

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Guardianship and estate litigation 

Our team has experience litigating guardianship proceedings on behalf of petitioners with a family member alleged to be incompetent. We also represent parties who have a stake in guardianship litigation such as creditors, potential heirs and family members other than the guardianship petitioner. Kelley, Polishan & Solfanelli has handled complex issues related to the validity of wills, estate fraud, collections, competency and guardianship. We have an appropriate sensitivity to the family connections often involved in these disputes. We've helped administer estates in Lackawanna, Luzerne, Susquehanna and Wyoming counties. To discuss, please Email Timothy P. Polishan › or Email Eugene C. Kelley › or call 570-562-4520.

Health care and other complex litigation

Our cases have involved health care law, torts, subrogation, indemnification, RICO, ERISA, federal computer fraud statutes, trade secrets and insurance coverage issues. To discuss, please Email Timothy P. Polishan › or Email Eugene C. Kelley › or call 570-562-4520.  

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Class and collective actions

Lawyers in our firm have represented plaintiff groups certified as classes. We also have experience representing corporate defendants in collective and class action cases. To discuss, please Email Timothy P. Polishan › or Email Eugene C. Kelley ›  or call 570-562-4520.

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White collar

Kelley, Polishan & Solfanelli handles white collar cases — for both victims and defendants. This includes representing grand jury witnesses and targets, white collar dismissal negotiations, white collar and federal court sentencings, post-conviction motions and trial. Our white collar and federal court experience includes:

  • investigative work to counter the government's investigation, sometimes in parallel civil and administrative proceedings;
  • confidential work seeking declination of prosecution before and after the filing of charges;
  • grand jury representation;
  • preliminary hearings;
  • hearings on motions;
  • plea agreements;
  • complex sentencing proceedings;
  • appeals;
  • post-conviction representation; and,
  • federal jury and non-jury trials

To discuss, please Email Timothy P. Polishan › or call 570-562-4520 ext. 102.

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