What do outside general counsel do for businesses?

Posted by Timothy P. PolishanMar 14, 2021

What do outside general counsel do for businesses?

Outside general counsel serve many roles. It depends on the business being served. Roles include:


Outside general counsel may serve as the primary point of contact for all legal issues facing a business — a sort of a legal project manager.


Another role is advisor to a business and its employees. This includes spotting potential legal problems, performing research, and providing guidance and advice.


In this role, outside general counsel reviews and drafts documents, and works on regulatory compliance, disclosure and privacy issues, employment law issues, corporate governance and structure, and the like. Service can include addressing unusual legal needs that pop up — like needing to respond to a document subpoena.


When outside general counsel's firm has business trial lawyers, then outside general counsel and his or her firm may handle litigation matters.

Proper utilization of outside general counsel provides exceptional value and cost-effectiveness for a business.

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Our role as outside general counsel

As outside general counsel, our firm draws on a network of professionals with whom we've worked for years. Make sure you have a lawyer you trust to get you the legal and expert support you need when you need it. 

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