For Complex Litigation, Client Recommends Timothy P. Polishan

Honest. Highly intelligent. Tactful. Responsive. Strong descriptors appropriate for an absolute powerhouse attorney. I retained attorney Polishan for a complex litigation matter. He also consults with me on some of my international business affairs. I have dealt with national and global firms in both Pittsburgh and Philly. We are blessed to have Tim right here in NEPA. He is top notch talent. He resolved my case and got me a very favorable outcome. I firmly believe that if the party that filed suit against me knew what they were up against in Tim, they would have reconsidered filing. I referred Tim to a very successful entrepreneur that has counsel, but they were hit with several suits at the same time and needed additional horsepower. About every 6-8 weeks I run into this entrepreneur, and the first thing this individual does is thank me for the referral to Tim Polishan. Do yourself a favor and trot Tim out to represent you. If you knew me, you too would thank me for the referral. 

– Litigation Client