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Business litigation practice

We do business law and business litigation, often acting as outside general counselTimothy P. Polishan is Chair of Kelley, Polishan & Solfanelli's Business Litigation Practice.

How we work

Our work is thorough and pragmatic. We plan, using strong experience gained in many cases involving many industries, including but not limited to banking, gaming, construction, distribution, health care, insurance, law firms, manufacturing, non-profits, physicians, railroad and real estate.

Who we work for

Our lawyers have discreetly represented businesses, business owners, corporate officers, physicians, lawyers, public figures, officials, clubs, families, and individuals who have been harmed as well as those accused of doing harm. Moreover, the firm maintains a consistent, substantial commitment to pro bono clients in the Scranton area and throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.

How we litigate

We identify gain and risk so you can make informed choices. Long before litigation is inevitable, we work to open as many options as possible.

Every cost in a lawsuit is an opportunity cost, an investment that might be better spent elsewhere. Our firm never forgets that, from the earliest point, to trial and beyond. The effects of litigation on your business reputation and operations can make an otherwise worthwhile lawsuit a bad use of your time and money.  

That said, sometimes, the only reasonable choice is to litigate a business dispute and, if necessary, bring it to trial. We have decades of experience doing what's best to achieve our clients' goals. This includes trying cases to verdict in federal, state, civil, criminal, jury and non-jury trials.

Our experience

Our experience includes a wide range of complex civil and criminal matters, in corporate and individual representations, for plaintiffs and defendants, in trials and hearings, appeals, arbitration, administrative proceedings, grand jury proceedings, class and collective actions, mediation and settlement negotiation.

Matters included

This work includes: breaches of confidentiality, contract, loyalty and fiduciary duties; business ethics; business valuation disputes; closely-held entities; computer fraud; conspiracy; construction disputes; corporate freeze outs; corruption; ERISA; financial crime; fraud; gaming; intellectual property; international parties; minority shareholder oppression; multistate proceedings; noncompete agreements; RICO; shareholder litigation; tortious interference with contract; trade practices; and veil-piercing and alter ego theories.

Other areas

This work involves: employment litigation, health care litigation, personal injury and products liability, environmental litigation, insurance coverage litigation, trade secrets litigation, trademark and Lanham Act litigation, unfair trade practices claims, bankruptcy litigation, IRS tax litigation, property damage litigation, and other mattersLearn more.

Trust is the key to success

Trust is the foundation and value of every great law firm — and every great business.

Chair of Business Litigation Practice

Timothy P. Polishan is Chair of Kelley, Polishan & Solfanelli's Business Litigation Practice. Email Timothy P. Polishan › or call 570-562-4520 ext. 102.

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